Hair Loss Remedies

1. Liberal intake of vitamins.
2. High protein and iron rich diet.
3. Consumption of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables regularly.
4. Washing hair regularly (twice weekly) with suitable shampoo.
5. Using relaxing techniques to overcome stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.
6. Preventing fungal infections of scalp.
7. Preventing hairstyles which pull hair.

Due to these causes the tridoshas get vitiated and cause hair loss.  The vitiated doshas affect the scalp skin and cause hair fall occurs.  Medicated oil with the herbs Bhringaraja (Eclipta Alba), Amalaki (Embelica Officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) and Vibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica) are the best remedies for hair fall.


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