Cosmetic & Hair Spa


If the face is not cared for properly, it can suffer from premature
Ageing and become dull.Clear,lustrous and healthy face can be yours
At any age if you spend a few minutes taking care of it every day.
And the steps are simple.

“Ageing is irreversible. But if handled carefully & scientifically, one can retain the blessing of youthfulness.”
Here all cosmetics treatments base on natural homeopathy and ayurvedic base, which
doesn’t give any side effect, like rashes, pimples, scars, allergy of skin.

Dr. Abhijeet dhamale says that you can have clear and lustrous face at any age by
Spending a few minutes daily. He made the inch loss, oil, gel and powder which works
On cell and loose the inches completely also made the different face creams,face lotion
Which is based on skin type and prepare from herbal and homoeopathic way.

“Beauty has inner and outer realms it is about sparking eyes and glowing skin”

Treatment For:

Cosmetic & Hair Spa

  • Skin tightening treatment
  • Anti ageing treament
  • Pimple treatment
  • Pigmentation
  • Anti wrinkled treatment
  • Skin whitening treatment
  • Natural skin glow treatment
  • Spot reducing treatment, patches
  • Hair removal treatment
  • Cold stone facial
  • Under eye treatment
  • Body polishing
  • Homoeopathic hair colouring
  • All hair treatment, temporary and
    permanent hair straightening.

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